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Message of non conformity

Before Autofix automatically handles your resources, you will be notified about each resource that isn't compliant with your policy. You can establish a SLA for each service, account or region to treat the non conformity before its suspension.

Configuração Autofix Pier Cloud

Automatic resources management

Automatically eliminate idle resources or manage resources to seek as much effectiveness as possible.

Bypass autofix Pier Cloud


You can also tell Autofix to bypass certain resources. This way, even if they are not compliant with your policy, they won't be affected by the automatic management of resources.

100% customizable policy

One of the biggest limitations within tools available in the market is the lack of customization in rules. Most tools, if not all of them, have rule patterns that cannot be changed. Since its origin, Autofix was created to be 100% customizable. You establish all the variables in your rules, which can be different for each of your organization's accounts.

Follow the evolution of your compliance

For each of the rules you establish as a policy within your organization, you can follow its evolution through a timeline. This way you get to have a quick vision of the results brought by your team and Autofix in managing your resources in the main public clouds.

60+ Templates

Autofix allows you to generate any number of compliance rules. There are over 60 templates, most of them oriented towards cost reduction. With these templates you can establish your customization and variables while putting together your exclusive conformity policy.

Manage thousands of resources with no additional cost!

Autofix is free for those of our clients that chose the Lighthouse Enterprise plan. Manage thousands of resources and ensure greater governance and economy within your accounts and subscriptions. Access the same tool that major Brazilian Enterprises use to manage their environment in the public cloud.