Compliance without code

All setup and activation of multi-cloud rules requires no code.

Calculation of savings

The CCA brings you resources that are out of compliance and also calculates your savings potential by treating such a resource 

Set up in minutes

The initial setup takes a few minutes and you can use the default system parameters or customize them 

Multi Cloud

Have centralized software for your AWS, Azure, and GCP complicating rules

Custom Rules

With CCA you have the possibility to customize your rules according to your Cloud account or tags of your resources. For example, you can say that for your production account your backup cycle is 60 days.

The number of desenvolvimento is apenas de 15. Ou ainda, voc p pode especificar que o recurso da squad A que possui tag / label “Squad A " must ser ignorado das regras do CCA.

All this without having to use any code, and always multi-cloud!

Integration with Autofix

CCA has integration with Pier Cloud Autofix, this allows the user to establish an automatic action to eliminate resources that are out of compliance. For example, an EBS with no instance for more than 15 days can be automatically handled by Autofix.

In this case a backup of the disk is made and TAGs with the name of the disk, and if the disk has TAGs the backup will also inherit these TAGs, and automatically Autofix will delete the disk.

Another example is using Autofix integration to keep all of your resources with the latest technology available. We have already saved thousands of dollars for our customers by migrating disks from GP2 to GP3 or IO to GP3 without causing any outages in the application.

More than 50 Multi Cloud rules

Start your compliance with more than 50 “out of the box”Multi Cloud rules. Just customize with your values or use the default setting. In minutes you have a diagnosis of all your accounts and also of your organization in a centralized way.

CCA + Timeline = ROI

Integrate CCA suggestions with Timeline and Space actions and track your project ROI. See 12-month and 36-month estimates plus realized, wasted and projected savings. Give the executive vision for your FinOps activities.

Are there any rules missing? We do for you

Reporting costs while not knowing if the business is performing well is similar to driving a car without a destination. Lighthouse allows you to combine your business metrics and your public cloud costs to uncover new KPIs that reflect your business's performance.

CCA segment by TAGs and Labels

With the Advanced Configuration option CCA allows you to segment your resources based on your clou TAGs or synthetic TAGs realized via organizational map (Lighthouse). Export your report or give access to teams. Transform your FinOps by bringing visibility and accountability to your developers.